Mission & Vision

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Mission & Vision: 


  1. We work tirelessly out of a sense of social and humanitarian responsibility in building science-based education and public awareness necessary for the well-being and protection of male and female reproductive health.


  1. Our Motto is – “Healthy and Normal Reproductive System, Protection of Generation and Species is the Motto.”


  1. Despite being an important part of male and female reproductive health, it has always been neglected and neglected only due to lack of proper science-based health education and awareness. Our goal and purpose is to be in that place of darkness, to shine light by building mass awareness and public involvement.


  1. Building public awareness through science-based educational health messages about the normal or abnormal structure and function of female and male reproductive system, various diseases and their remedies.


  1. To create public awareness and public involvement by promoting science-based educational health talks on issues related to pregnancy and abortion related health complications including extra care of expectant mothers during pregnancy- self, food and nutrition, sleep and rest etc.


  1. To develop public awareness and public involvement through dissemination and promotion of science-based educational health messages related to birth defects of female and male reproductive system i.e. normal or abnormal structure and function, inability to donate children due to various illnesses and failure to conceive.


  1. From the time of conception to safe delivery and subsequent newborn health, nutrition, disease, treatment, sustainable disease-immunity enhancement, diet, rearing and safe growth, healthy ways of maintenance strategies and continuous care for mothers through promotion and dissemination of medical education. And, play a supporting role in developing safety life management of the children.


  1. To reduce the rising rate of maternal and child mortality and above all to play a positive role in building a healthy sustainable nation.


  1. Our mission and objective is to draw attention to the whole world to take more care of maternal and child health in anticipation of a beautiful future and to call the whole world with a slogan and say with a strong voice – If you want the successful realization of the dream, then at the right time to promote maternal and child health in the right way.